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Discovering Lemuria

One of the best feelings in the world has got to be that perfect random discovery of an awesome band when you’re just going along about your day. I stumbled upon Lemuria in the most unlikely way: browsing through EBay for first edition copies of my favorite F. Scott Fitzgerald books. Now, the correlation between Lemuria and Fitzgerald is simply an awesome T-Shirt design they’ve created in the past. So, with my curiosity peaked, I looked this band up, and I found pure gold.

          Lemuria is an indie punk rock band trio, based out of Buffalo, New York. Alex Kerns takes the role of the drummer and shares vocals with guitarist, Sheena Ozzella, and Max Gregor plays the bass. These guys have been bringing sweet tunes to the ears of the public since 2004. Their influences include Superchunk, Lemonheads, Sebadoh, Thin Lizzy, and Wipers.

          When I discover a great band, I have the habit of looking up everything they’ve created and what shenanigans they’re currently working on. The first song I heard was “Yesterday’s Lunch” in Get Better.  If “You were only there because you shared DNA” doesn’t get you in the ‘feels’, I don’t know what does. They successfully grabbed my attention. My favorite album has to be The First Collection. It caught my attention with the songs “Lick Your Lips” and “Bookworm”. They have a simple, lazy sound that tends to be perfect for these hot summer days. What makes them a proper punk rock band is that they have that garage ‘do-it-yourself’ sound that was so loved in the 70’s punk scene. (Especially in “The Orgamists II”)  Another favorite of mine is “Pants” in Get Better. This has to be one of my new favorite love songs, because the lyrics have those primal feelings of youth in love. I can’t explain how many love songs out in the world have the same droll, “I love you baby so here’s my number,” with a bunch of  ‘oh’s thrown in between the verses. You don’t get any of that with Lemuria. They have the simplicity of indie punk that satisfies that jamming itch you have. Sometimes, “I want my hands in your hair” says way more than “Call me maybe”.

          Lemuria has produced several other great songs in other albums such as Pebble, Ozzy, and the single, Under the Influence, Vol. 7: Alec Eiffel. That’s not all they’ve done, so I’d recommend you check them out. I promise you; No, I pinky promise you (that’s an unbreakable oath) that you will not be disappointed. As of now, they’re on tour in the UK, so if you find yourself strolling along Manchester, go check them out.

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Written by Deanna Trombley    

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