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Bristol To Memory
The Meaning of Music

Hear ye, hear ye! Another brilliant discovery! Gather around to hear the tale of Bristol To Memory. I had the pleasure of seeing this band perform live recently, and needless to say; I was pleasantly impressed with them. 

Bristol To Memory is an alternative Pop-Punk band that hails from the wonderful world of Los Angeles. They have adopted influential sounds that tend to remind me of The Lumineers, Say Anything, and Fall Out Boy. I know what you’re thinking: What? Is that even possible? Yes my friends, yes it is. One of my personal favorites, “Marty McDy” from their latest EP, Don’t Hold Your Breath starts off with a nostalgic clean electric guitar riff before kicking into an upbeat tune that has the same spunk as Fall Out Boy, primarily because of the singing style of the lead vocals.


          This band consists of three band members, including Rory O’Connell (Ro-Motion) on vocals and guitar, Kealan O’Connell (Kilo) on bass, Alex Buster (Bones) on drums, and Ken Aquino (Chocolate Pain) on guitar and vocals. This band offers a lot of sweet sounds that are influenced by Taking Back Sunday, Brand New, and Say Anything. Their riffs and beats tend to evoke “nostalgic excitement” that makes you think about your youthful care-free days (one of my personal favorite elements of alternative pop punk). These guys have been in the scene since 2005, and since then, they’ve released Don’t Hold Your Breath EP, Light Up The Fire EP, For the Kings, and a single titled “I Bet On You” which was released as a bonus track for Light Up The Fire. “I Bet On You” quickly became one of my personal favorites with the golden poetic lines such as “Well I believe that you and I are true. Why yes I do, I do, I do believe in you” and “Let the future dream create a masterpiece”.    
          There’s a sense of hopefulness that I have noticed to be in the lyrics of a lot of bands within this genre, which is why it has become such a beloved genre; it’s why music matters in the first place. Music isn’t simply a form of expression for the musician to communicate a message that is meaningful to them, but it is also a communication between the musician and singer where for the duration of whatever song you’re listening to, there’s a connection between the two. What makes music so valuable is that there’s a moment when you completely understand the feeling, emotion, or pain that the vocalist is singing about, or there may be a song that may even get in touch with a memory that you treasure more than any other possession. Art, in general, is the strongest way of communication. There are plenty of songs that saved lives, books that have inspired people, and paintings that have changed our outlook in the world. It’s one of the most basic and yet brilliant ways that we’ve advanced through generations.

               That being said, Bristol To Memory, ladies and gentlemen! They’ve seen plenty of corners of the world in their touring adventures including Van’s Warped Tour, Roxy, and The Whiskey, and they’re not stopping any time soon. Their latest piece of work is the EP: Don’t Hold Your Breath, which was released March of this year. I definitely recommend you check it out; there are great songs on there including the bitter-hearted romantic “Cherry Cheeks” and the resiliently hopeful “Truth”. Bristol To Memory has everything your sweet little pop-punk heart needs. They have the crunch, the great solos and riffs, the thoughtful lyrics, and the back-up vocals to throw your fist in the air to. You have got to love it.  So, go fourth and rock a plenty my dear friends!

Keep fighting the good fight; Tunage has got your back.


Written by Deanna Trombley

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