Tacky Little Hatshop

--"electronica neo-folky polka"
Tacky Little Hatshop is the dynamic indie duo that you've got to hear about, bringing a fresh and whimsical sound to the world.

         Tunage got a chance to catch up with Tacky Little Hatshop. If you haven't heard of them, they're two sisters who create the most unique sound for Southern California to enjoy. It doesn't stop there though; these ladies have even shared their music love to Russia and Ireland. With influences from the 1910's, Legend of Zelda, and the Celtic culture, each tune they've composed have brought testament to their talent in thinking outside of the box.
Tunage: So, what are your names and your roles in the band?

Enya: I’m Enya and I play keyboard and accordion.
Anneke: I’m Anneke and I do guitar, lead vocals and banjo.

Tunage: How did this band start?

Enya: Well, we always played music together ever since we were little, and in 2008 my brother invited us to play at his concert with his band, because they didn’t have enough bands that night. But we didn’t have a name or anything so we said, “Um… okay. Sure we’ll play!” and we figured out the name that week.

T: How did you come up with Tacky Little Hatshop?
E: Do you know Hayao Miyazaki?
T: No, I haven’t.
E: He’s a Japanese animated director and illustrator, and he makes very beautiful anime movies. There’s one called “Howl’s Moving Castle”. There are these two girls, and they have a shop, and it’s Tacky Little Hatshop.